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Author: B'OB
10/01/2002 | | | Album Review
Azure Ray are the Softies on Quaaludes, and I don't know why no one else sees it. It might be that the world is oblivious to the Softies, but having searched the web over, I haven't found a single blurb that ties the two together. Maybe it is me who is the genius, and not Rose of the Softies as I've believed for all these years.

November is acoustic-pop given the dream-pop production treatment - wonky electronic noises pop up from time to time, and there's some cool panning (sadly, no trepanning) and other studio wizardry. At the heart of it all are two females weaving very nice harmonies while playing fat guitars with holes in them. It's good stuff, really, but not happy - and definitely not as "Lilith" as you might think from my description. In fact, after listening, I wanted to kill myself a bit. Only a little bit, however - inside all that darkness was a bright beam of light...I think it was beauty or something.

Azure Ray are both pretty, and when I say that, I'm not implying that I have any idea what they look like, and dark. The music is quite lovely chamber-acoustic-Goth-folk-dream-pop, and I do recommend it. Beeyootyful. (8/10)


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