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Drawing Down the Moon

Author: Wes Woods
10/21/2010 | San Gabriel Valley Tribune | | Live Show Preview
Dream pop duo Azure Ray will perform Saturday at the Glass House, in a concert that also features Tim Fite and Whispertown as opening acts.

Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor lead the Athens, Ga.-based Azure Ray. The group's latest album, released this year, is "Drawing Down the Moon," the first since their 2001 debut "Azure Ray."

In a recent interview Fink said the group typically performs for about 90 minutes. "Our songs are so slow and kind of emotionally charged, so any longer than that is too long."

She said the group plays both old and new material in concert. "Anytime you play a song over and over sometimes you lose the connection with it and sometimes you won't realize it. Then one night all of a sudden you will have the chills and tears in your eyes, which can happen after 1,000 times or five times."

The group was previously on hiatus but "everything came back in a really organic way to do this again," she said.

When asked which album she liked best, she named the group's sophomore 2002 album "Burn and Shiver." It turned out to be a "kind of a red-headed stepchild record," she said. "I still like it. We experimented on that. I think we got it out of our system."

Fink said she is looking forward to the Pomona show. "There's always a good group of kids that come out. Especially from all the surrounding areas. It's just a good vibe."
Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon

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