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Drawing Down the Moon

Author: Tom Haugen
10/04/2010 | | | Album Review
The duo that make up Azure Ray- Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink- have been quite busy since 2004's 'break up' of Azure Ray. Both have had successful solo discs, they continued to work with their other band Now It's Overhead, and have collaborated with Bright Eyes, Moby and Japancakes. After rejoining to play a one off show in 2008, the band announced a new record was in the works, 'Drawing Down The Moon' being available now everywhere.

Historically regarded as 'dream pop', Fink and Taylor layer these gentle songs with cellos, harps, oboes, bassoons, bass and drums, creating sparse sounding songs that often contain some devastating wordplay about sadness and bitterness. The pair both have strong, silky smooth voices, and the songs range from being whisper like to almost haunting, recalling loss and love in a devastatingly beautiful manner.

After 6 years on hiatus, Azure Ray haven't missed a beat. Their dreamy, wispy, surreal songs still resonate with a gifted beauty, and the themes here are universally applicable to anyone with a heavy heart. Perhaps not the feel good record of the year, but an accomplished and stunning disc nonetheless.

For fans of: Sarah Mclachlan, Jolie Holland, Rilo Kiley
Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon

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