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Drawing Down the Moon

Author: Linda Laban
07/16/2010 | | | Album Review
Six years is a long time between records, but that's how long it's been since indie-folk-pop duo Azure Ray released their acclaimed album, 'Hold on Love.' Finally, the pair -- Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor -- are about to break that recording silence with 'Drawing Down the Moon,' a new full-length album set for release on Saddle Creek Records in September, which will be followed by US and European tours.

Of course, those years apart were spent productively, making solo albums and playing in other projects. Still, all the outside activity did lead some to think the band was done. "Lots of people probably thought Azure Ray was over," Taylor tells Spinner. "We kept getting emails and messages from fans saying, 'Can you please put out another record?' Some of our fans were still hoping there would be another."

"We always said we are on an indefinite hiatus," points out Fink, "and a lot of times that does mean that the band is just broken up. I always felt like we both truly meant that and that we would come back to it at some point. It's not so much of a surprise to me. If anything, I think it's a fun surprise."

It wasn't just the girls who were on hiatus though. Another key component, producer Eric Bachmann (Archers of Loaf, Crooked Fingers), was out of action.

"He was taking a hiatus from the United States of America -- he was in Taiwan," says Taylor. "We thought we had to work with him again, because it's just not Azure Ray without Eric. So, we were going to go to Taiwan and beat his door down."

Fortunately, they didn't have to do that. Just before they were ready to begin recording, Bachmann announced that he was on his way home. "It worked out timing-wise. Right when we thought we'd have to go with someone else, he called us and said he was ready to make music, and wanted to be a part of it. Perfect timing."
Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon

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