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Drawing Down the Moon

Author: Jocelyn Hoppa
06/30/2010 | | | Feature
It's been six years since the last Azure Ray record, the lovely dream-pop duo consisting of Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink. Their last record in 2003, Hold on Love (via Saddle Creek Records) was full of sparse folk-pop and minimalist electronica that really showcased the duo's intimate lyrical ability. After that release, they split to work on other side projects, collaborating with the likes of Moby and Bright Eyes, among others.

And now they've recently announced that their upcoming album, Drawing Down the Moon, their second release for Saddle Creek, will be hitting the streets on September 14th. And again, it was produced by Eric Bachmann. Exciting news, indeed.

Check out the track listing after the jump, plus an oldie but goodie from Azure Ray to help refresh our collective memories.


1. "Wake Up, Sleepyhead
2. "Don't Leave My Mind"
3. "In the Fog"
4. Larraine
5. "On and On Again"
6. "Make Your Heart"
7. "Silver Sorrow"
8. "Signs in the Leaves"
9. "Love and Permanence"
10. "Shouldn't Have Loved"
11. "Dancing Ghosts"
12. "Walking in Circles"
Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon

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