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Drawing Down the Moon

Author: Anika Balaconis
06/21/2010 | | | Feature
After about a six-year period in which the lovely southern ladies Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor worked on their solo careers and other projects, they are back with their fourth album Drawing Down the Moon.

Although melancholy in nature, Azure Ray's fans attest that the duo's music has helped them through dark times, eased pain, and soothed their minds. It is often compared to the work of fellow label-mate Elliot Smith. Their last album, Hold on Love, also put out by Saddle Creek records, showed their sound to be similarly sparse yet steeped in Orenda and Maria's own variety of emotional and lyrical heartache. Its quiet, intimate recording style is apparent in every track. They have picked up sound influences from recent collaborations with bands such as Bright Eyes and Japancakes with which they weave together beautiful songs of love and loss.

Azure Ray's comeback mini-tour in 2009 featured their usual warm, uplifting sound, dreamy indie favorites such as "November" and "Sleep" and a couple soon to be recorded songs including "On and On Again." Also performed was "Blackout Curtain," a Now It's Overhead song from their days in said band with Athens, Georgia friend Andy LeMaster. After the tour, they settled down in the spring of 2010 to record Drawing Down the Moon at Echo Mountain in Asheville, NC. Crooked Fingers' Eric Bachmann is listed as producer and has been working with Azure Ray since their debut album. Former bandmate from Andy LeMaster and singer-songwriter Liz Durrett have added some lush guest recordings. The album is set for release in mid September, 2010 from Saddle Creek.
Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon

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