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Set the Woods on Fire

Author: Margar
08/06/2007 | FensePost | | Album Review
Art in Manila is damn good. When I first received their CD, I expected solidness. The band is composed of a favorite of mine: Orenda Fink of Azure Ray. The backing band (Adrianne Verhoeven, Steve Bartolomei, Dan McCarthy, Ryan Fox, and Corey Broman) has a resume of quite impressive artist collaborations as well.

The opening track, "Time Gets Us All", is dreamy and reminiscent of the opening scene of Donnie Darko. This then launches into an electric piano drenched "Our Addictions". Art in Manila don't have to try to be sexy, it simply oozes out through the instrumentals, lyrics, and the force behind Fink's voice like she just gives a fuck about what she's singing something I find absent in a lot of artists today. The best example of this is "The Sweat Descends"; aching pours through the speakers. Then the next song channels this energy into the noisy and intense "Spirit, Run" whose echo is haunting.

Each song has its own commanding element that draws the listener into the album. Sometimes bleak, sometimes hopeful, the album is useful for both the depressed as well as the content days of your life. It is remarkably unpretentious and relatable to anyone who realizes that life is simply what it is. Fink went on a journey of sorts to assemble this group and record and that is reflected in the music. It is the perfect soundtrack for a trip be it physical, mental or spiritual of your own.


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