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Art in Manila Prep Debut Tour with Rilo Kiley

Author: Matthew Solarski
08/01/2007 | Pitchfork | | Feature
Although Azure Ray appear to have parted ways, both of the act's constituent songwriters are still trucking in earnest-- and both have career trajectories that have, amusingly, led them straight to emo.

Maria Taylor's off cavorting with Jimmy Eat World, as you may know, while Orenda Fink linked up with some Omaha pals and Adrianne Verhoeven-- formerly of synth-shouty emo advocates the Anniversary-- to form Art in Manila.

Wearing their hearts on their sleeves, Art in Manila (briefly/formerly known as Art Bell) will soon unveil their debut LP, Set the Woods on Fire. Saddle Creek, always a kindly home to its own, delivers the disc on August 7. It includes that cover of Les Savy Fav's "The Sweat Descends" and 10 more abundantly pretty compositions.

Okay, album out, what next? Touring, of course! Art in Manila play an Omaha gig August 3, take a long, deep breath, and then plunge headlong into the throes of a 10-date stint with Rilo Kiley. Fink herself better take two breaths-- she'll also be playing in Rilo's band, contributing trumpet, vocals, and more across the entirety of the former Saddle Creekers' U.S. jaunt.


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