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Dressing Up to Get Down This Weekend

Author: Jim Fusilli
10/27/2010 | Wall Street Journal | | Album Review
The Felice Brothers play rich, folk-centric Americana at its best, their stark, occasionally eerie songs dripping with imagery and insight. Their 2009 album, "Yonder Is the Clock," suggests what Bob Dylan and the Band might sound like if they could reunite. In concert, the group shifts the mood consistently. When the accordion, fiddle and guitars lock in under the voices, the jingle-jangly music sends a chill up the spine. Opener Adam Haworth Stephens, known as one half of Two Gallants, just released his solo debut, "We Live on Cliffs," and it's a gem. Though he's backed by superb musicians including Petra Haden, Joey Waronker, members of My Morning Jacket, as well as his own new band, Mr. Stephens's alt-folk and pop songs are the focus and he delivers them with charming earnestness. The album's gloss is stripped away in concert, so Mr. Stephens becomes a nice match for the headliners.


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We Live on Cliffs

We Live on Cliffs

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