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We Live on Cliffs

Author: Tom Haugen
09/30/2010 | Go211 | | Album Review
One half of the duo known as 'Two Gallants', Stephens has been plugging away since 2002 with Two Gallants, releasing records to global acclaim and touring incessantly. His first effort on his own, 'We Live On Cliffs' became available September 28, taking on a new direction from his previous band that had the volume turned way up compared to this.

Though is former work was comprised of mostly rowdy, americana rockers, 'We Live On Cliffs' takes a more subdued approach, nearly bordering on country, with some female backing vocals to complement the slow, detailed instrumentation. Stephens sings intimate songs here, shimmering with a delicate beauty and personal tales of self-reflection. Somewhere between folk, pop, and country that occasionally picks up the pace and hints at a Two Gallants sound, Stephens travels a introspective and compelling path here and comes out with an absolutely stunning disc.

For fans of: Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, Paul Westerberg
We Live on Cliffs

We Live on Cliffs

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