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Download A Free New Track From Two Gallants' Adam Haworth Stephens

Author: Ian S. Port
08/19/2010 | | | Album Review
You might expect a song called "The Cities That You've Burned" to have an uncomfortable closeness. It might even be a painfully quiet acoustic ballad, eh? Er, no: this latest tune from Adam Haworth Stephens -- one half of the notable S.F. outfit Two Gallants -- begins intimately, with twinkles of acoustic guitar and piano, then pulls back into an ambling folk groove supported by washes of organ and even a bit of fiddle. Stephens' lyrics are typically poetic, leading up to the chorus: "And in the ashes of the cities that you've burned/ we'll sit and wait for your return." It's a gorgeous tune that you can -- and we say should -- download for free in advance of the release of Stephens' solo debut, We Live On Cliffs, out this fall on Saddle Creek. Also, check out a short making-of-the-album video by the guys from Yours Truly after the jump.
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