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Every Day and Every Night

11/12/1999 | | | Album Review
I've heard that Conor Oberst (the mastermind behind Bright Eyes) is either love or hate.

I wouldn't go as far as saying I hate what he's doing, but I don't really love what he's doing.

For one thing, when you open the booklet, you feel like you're reading Atlas Shrugged (by that I mean a copious amount of words, in 8 font). This is one verbose fellow who we're dealing with.

The music is actually quite different from a lot of stuff in a few ways. There are a lot of guest stars from other bands on here playing backing instruments, but they don't really save Conor's bad voice.

The songs aren't badly written or anything, but his voice just make me grimace everytime I hear it, and I can't get used to it. I think he should have someone else sing and he should just play guitar.

I wondered if perhaps I was missing something upon listening to this because many people have highly recommended Bright Eyes. I just don't get it though. Maybe because he thinks he's James Joyce and thinks he's full of melancholy. You'd just think this was written by some 40 year-old drunkard who has lost his wife, kids, and trailer and is now a drifter; not by a twenty something who has had a full length and an EP to his credit (along with the Park Ave. CD on Urinine, of which he was a member). Don't get me wrong, the music is actually pretty good and can be listened to, but overall it just seems way too pretentious for me to take seriously.


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