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Lifted or The Story is in the Soil....

Author: Ed Masley
08/05/2003 | Pittsbugh Post-Gazette | | Live Show Preview
While nearly every note he sang came across as a matter of life or death at the Bright Eyes show Saturday night at Club Laga, Conor Oberst may have saved his most impassioned delivery for the moment near the end where he wrapped that tortured young-Dylan-esque wail around "I could've been a famous singer if I had someone else's voice/But failure's always sounded better."

And he may be onto something there. On both counts.

Clearly an acquired taste, he packed the club with listeners who'd acquired it. He repaid them for their devotion by throwing himself into a set that retained a fair amount of the intensity that fueled the screaming climax of the "The City Has Sex" in other cuts, where all you could practically hear were Oberst's naked vocals.

Oberst closed the set with an attack on "the illegal president," telling fans, "I want to be on Team Love, and right now the country is on Team Hate." To turn the tide, he concluded, we need to "put that [bleeping] [expletive] out of office."

And with that, he poured what was left of the heart on his sleeve into "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning," in which he sang about his voice and noted, "When you're asked to start a war that's over nothing, it's best to join the side that's going to win/No one's sure how all of this got started but we're going to make them [expletive] sure of how it's going to end."


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