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Oh Holy Fools

Author: Andrew Griffin
03/16/2001 | The Town Talk | Live Show Preview
It's refreshing to find new bands taht are not afraid to craft great pop songs chock full of heartfelt lyrics.

After receving an eight song CD as a gift from my brother, I was happily introduced to the work of two new bands out of Omaha, Neb. Called Bright Eyes and Son, Ambulance. The two groups have combined forces and released a single, eight song album on Omaha's Saddle Creek record label.

Conor Oberst, the creative force behind Bright Eyes (think a younger, confined Morrissey) has been releasing material since the late 90's and building a solid following in the process.

The music of Bright Eyes positively sparkles throughout the course of the album.

Oberst and his roving bandof back-up musicians manages to create spare, but strangely lush tunes that compliment his emotionally-charged vocals. The result ia appealing, post-modern pop.

Standout tracks include “Going for the Gold" and the intense “Kathy with a K's Song."

As for Son, Ambulance, a trio led by singer-songwriter Joe Knapp, the song structure and wide-eyed lyrical imagery bring to mind the Kinks druing their late 60s - early 90s period with a little Ben Folds Five thrown in for good measure.

Examples would include the innocently gorgeous “Brown Park" and the tuneful piece, “The Invention of Beauty."

Knapp's piano and guitar are beautifully balanced by Landon Hadges bass and the proficient drumming of Jeff Koster.

“Oh Holy Fools" is a terrific album and for those wanting to hear more, Son, Ambulance will be releasing their first full-fledged album on Saddle Creek in the summer.

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Oh Holy Fools

Oh Holy Fools

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