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Oh Holy Fools

01/12/2001 | Aversion | | Album Review
Bright Eyes Wants More than Just a Split
Jan 12, 2001

For some bands, putting out a split EP is just a chance to get rid of a few extra songs while treading on another band's fan base. For Bright Eyes, however, it's no less important than a full-length release.

Oh, Holy Fools (Saddle Creek) features the songs of Bright Eyes and Son, Ambulance, but the EP is more than a ragged colletion of leftover songs. Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst says there's a subtle interplay between the songs chosen for the record, a fact that makes the EP more than just the standard split.

"I thought of it as an album," Oberst said. "That's why on the CD it's back and forth, every song.

"Joe, the guy who writes songs for (Son, Ambulance), and I have been friends for a long time and roommates for a long time and stuff. We tried to pick stuff that stuck to a common theme together."
Oh Holy Fools

Oh Holy Fools

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