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A Collection of Songs Written and...

Author: DJ
05/01/1998 | Music Monitor | | Album Review
Nearly slipping through the cracks this time out is a release by another one-man outfit called Bright Eyes. A Collection... is credited to 17 year-old Conor Oberst, who also plays in Comm. Venus and Park Ave., and features members of such emo-core standbys as Cursive and Lullaby for the Working Class. The music herein, though, falls squarely into the homegrown pop category inhabited by Orange Cake Mix, Elliot Smith, and Portastatic. Conor's vocals favorably recall the charm of Daniel Johnston and Stephen Pastel, and his lyrics are surprisingly mature and sweet. In an age when rockers in their thirties are making careers out of approximating teenage alienation, nothing works as good as the real deal--and this is it.


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Cassadaga (Remastered)

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