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Lifted or The Story is in the Soil....

03/28/2003 | The Big Takeover | Album Review
If you haven’t yet fallen under the spell of Bright Eyes‚ Conor Oberst, chances are you’re not a young female. Conor who also plays in the Desaparecidos, Park Ave. and Commander Venus is a heartthrob and a musical genius to boot. Starting at 13 with a variety of lo-fi cassette recordings for different bands, now at 23 he possesses a voice like the Cure's Robert Smith, the charm of Belle and Sebastian and a gravity all his own. "Lifted" starts sloppy with a song recorded in a moving car but soon morphs into a crystal clear heartfelt ballad. The rest of the record contrasts more of these intimate ballads with some very fleshed
out productions encompassing: waltzes, cathartic wails, big Phil Spector-like walls of sound, funny samples, and great little
breakdowns. Well worth getting into.