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Lifted or The Story is in the Soil....

08/11/2002 | The London Sunday Times | Album Review
TWO YEARS on from 2000's most intriguing album, Fevers and Mirrors, Conor Oberst and his Bright Eyes troupe return with a record that confirms what converts already knew: this 22-year-old Nebraskan is making some of the most self-lacerating, visceral music currently available. Lifted sees Oberst continue down F&M's perilous, lo-fi path into his troubled childhood, a route those exposed to the earlier album might have imagined could yield no
further horrors. "Ambition, I have found, can only lead to failure / I do not read the reviews /No, I am not singing for you", he wails on Let's Not Shit Ourselves, the words sounding as though they have been ripped messily from the depths of his soul. Hints of daylight appear on the lovely Bowl of Oranges, but the haunted self-doubt of False Advertising probably paints the more accurate picture of all things Oberst. Stunning.
3/3 stars


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