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The People's Key

Author: Natalie Kuchik
2/17/11 | | | Record Review
Not only did Bright Eyes release their brand new album The People's Key this week, but they unveiled today a brand new music video for the lead single "Shell Games." The physically dark video is simple, yet messy and it actually shows 'emo king' Conor Oberst smiling and having a good time. The music video for "Shell Games" starts out with Conor Oberst starring out his window. While looking at the snow and animals he takes a sip out of his mug before walking over to a piano and hanging microphone. Oberst starts playing and singing "Shell Games" before the rest of Bright Eyes walk into the room and strap on their instruments. Now, they are having an all out jam session inside the house. In-between shots of Bright Eyes performing "Shell Games" there are shots of the group having fun. Well, not my kind of fun because I don't remember the last time I started dripping paint or gasoline onto a lamp shade for the heck of it, but it looks like fun. There is one major flaw in Bright Eyes music video for "Shell Games," and that is how dark the video comes off. While watching the video I kept thinking, 'Maybe if I tilt my laptop this way I can see better' before realizing the darkness was not coming from a glare, but was from how poorly lit the video was filmed. I am sure this was done on purpose, but why oh why was it done that way. The best part of the video was when the band was suddenly playing outside in the snow around a bonfire, and that was mainly because I could see them all clearly. Not to mention, even though they were outside in the snow, it made me want to suffer through the cold for a chance to jam out with Bright Eyes. Another bothersome part of the video was how much the scenes overlapped each other. As one scene was fading out, another was fading in which made it hard to see what exactly was going on at some points. There was no elaborate plot to the video, so the constant fading in and out did not hurt the 'story line' to the video, just my eyes. But why were the pouring out gasoline into the house when the next morning everything was still intact, and the house never burned down? I mean, it was messy and somehow monkeys were now in the living room just chilling, but still, what was with pouring gasoline out of the bin on the living room floor. The music video closes out with a simple, yet somewhat eerie scene of a piano pushed far back into a wall, with tattered drapes hanging around it. Overall, it is not a music video I would bother watching again. Not bad, not amazing, it just falls somewhere in the middle. To view screenshots from the music video "Shell Games" click here or click on the piano picture to the left to open them. According to director Nik Fackler's website, the music video for "Shell Games" was shot on Super 16mm by Sean Kirby. Let me know what you think of the video! You can leave a comment below, or connect with me via twitter: @NatalieChicago. How does the "Shell Games" music video rank among others Bright Eyes has released? Music video information for Bright Eyes "Shell Games" Bright Eyes - "Shell Games" from the album The People's Key. Directed by: Nik Fackler Edited by: Nik Fackler Cinematography by: Sean Kirby Produced by: Dana Altman
The People's Key

The People's Key

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