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The People's Key

Author: Andy Gill
2/11/11 | London Independent | | Record Review
Since the last Bright Eyes album, Conor Oberst has made two solo albums on which preoccupation with illness led to a distinctly apocalyptic tone. With The People's Key, he's clearly reached a significant juncture; song after song concerns his determination to dispatch his past, in preparation for a different future. The sad thing is how swathed in metaphysical blather this future appears to be, a direction heralded by the mystical mumbo-jumbo of Denny Brewer, which opens "Firewall" and recurs at points in other songs. Elsewhere, there are several references to Rastafarianism, alongside Oberst's ruminations on the coming new age. The arrangements are pleasurable enough, less rootsy than before, with some skilled use of orchestration; but it's a shame to find such a gifted songwriter sounding so gullible. There's a seeker born every minute. DOWNLOAD THIS Shell Game; The People's Key; Approximate Sunlight
The People's Key

The People's Key

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