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Fevers and Mirrors

Author: DL
5/29/2000 | MediaReader Quarterly | | Album Review
Bright Eyes "Fevers and Mirrors" CD 5 Stars
Saddle-Creek POB 8554 Omaha, NB 68108

Only once or twice a year is a record this compelling released. Conor Oberst's song writing abilities greatly exceed that of most contemporary solo artists, aesthetically relying on the hand-strummed minor chords and melodic dissonance created by his acoustic guitar. Lyrically, he convincingly demands that we wander into his world of travel, heartbreak, neuroses, and depression. Upbeat and scary at times, slow and lulling at others, Mike Mogis and Andy Lemaster lend their hands with percussion, keyboard, and vocal accompaniment to fill out the songs. The recording quality is great and the sampling and vocal tricks are an area that Conor usually exceeds most expectations, proving his mastery of the equipment. Really, there are not enough good things to say about this album. Released by a label that has been pumping out tons of great bands lately, you should check out what's going on in Omaha.

Zach Nipper & Robb Nansel, Designers, 8 Panel CD Accordion 3.5 Stars
The front cover is great. There's a oval shaped die-cut revealing a mirror on the next level down. A deep burgundy wallpaper is used for the background image throughout the entire booklet, and while I view it as fitting and relevant, the lyrics are in thin, sans-serif font that is about 3pt, making it extremely difficult to read along. It ended up like this because of the large amount of words to these songs, but I still wish that I could more easily read them. The mirror, however, is damn impressive.
Fevers and Mirrors

Fevers and Mirrors

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