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Author: Billy Yost
10/10/2007 | Volante | | Feature
If we in the Midwest can be guilty of anything, it's our emotional insecurities. We are not only farmers of corn and beans, but hopes and dreams.

For those craving a taste of the heartbroken, rambling-man life, for those aching for the tear-stained confessions of a guy that's dated celebrity
kleptos, for anyone who wants to see just how tight Wranglers come, the wait
is over.

Conor Oberst, Omaha born and raised, is coming to Sioux Falls.

He and the rest of the Bright Eyes crew will be appearing at the Ramkota
Exhibit Hall in Sioux Falls Oct. 25.

The Ramkota gig marks Bright Eyes' first trek into South Dakota territory in the indie band's near 10 year existence.

Bright Eyes has released an average of one album a year since Oberst signed with Saddle Creek records in 1998

The group has garnered a devoted fan base that has seen fit to deem Oberst the "New Dylan."

Their latest album, "Cassadaga," reached the number four spot on the
Billboard charts.

To support their latest release, the band has been on tour since May.
Highlights of the tour include collaborations with Ben Kweller, Lou Reed,
Norah Jones, Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis and a stint with the Los Angeles

Oberst received popular and critical stardom with the 2002 CD, "Lifted or
The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground," and has been on the run ever since.

His honest, oddly eclectic brand of rock continually sells well while
pictures of Oberst dominate Myspace "Heartthrob Surveys" and Youtube fan videos.

The Bright Eyes arrival comes as a bit of a surprise to a city that has
gained a reputation for its unresponsive, uninvolved musical community.

In a city of "Scream it or don't even bother singing," many see this as a
chance for Sioux Falls to put itself back on the map.

After the un-success of Sparta's last stop through Sioux Falls, the
cancellation of the White Stripes concert in Rapid City and the lackluster
attendance of the Guster show in Vermillion is making itself more vulnerable
to losing shows to Omaha, Minneapolis and Fargo.

Local web forums, like the "Argus Leader," urge fans to attend the concert:

"Get to this show- believe me-these guys are awesome! We wonder why we don't
get 'the good shows' here-let's PROVE to them that SuFu is worthy of up and
coming bands!"

The relatively small size of the Ramkota Hall ensures fans will be treated
to an intimate performance, regardless of their vantage point.


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