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Fevers and Mirrors

Author: M. Tye Comer
05/15/2000 | CMJ Weekly | Album Review
The makeshift mirror that decorates the cover of Bright Eyes' third full-length, Fevers And Mirrors, is more than an eye-catching adornment; it's a warning that the music contained therein may cause severe bouts of personal reflection, self-analyzation and subsequent depression. To describe the vocals and lyrics of frontman Conor Oberst as poignant doesn't do them justice. Each allegorical song, from the slow and sullen "Something Vague" to the angst-ridden, yet comparatively upbeat "The Calendar Hung Itself," is punctuated by Oberst's weepy wail, the singer-songwriter sounding on the verge of tears as he recounts the misadventures of his emotionally distressed existence. The lyrical anguish is buffered with an assortment of empathetic flute serenades, woeful acoustic guitar melodies and wandering keyboard refrains, and the combination of lyrical and musical sophistication proves almost lethal. Wallow away.

For Fans Of: Lullaby for the Working Class, Tindersticks, Smog
Fevers and Mirrors

Fevers and Mirrors

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