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Fevers and Mirrors

05/01/2000 | | | Album Review
This band has apparently been garnering a lot of favorable reviews in some impressive places over the past year or two. Bright Eyes is the project spearheaded by Conor Oberst. So...what's it like? Subtle and slightly haunting pop music...with a great deal of human feeling involved in the writing and recording. If you (like us) are constantly bothered by too many artists who all sound the same, you will find solice in this CD. Mr. Oberst's music is
strangely unique and different. His songs are not predictable, yet they still sound slightly familiar. Particularly inviting is the man's unique and quivering vocal style that we find rather arresting. Add some killer lyrics into the picture, and you have a new artist with an amazingly great deal to offer the listener...both in terms of music as well as food for thought. Very nice understated production abounds throughout. Wow. See the label's web site at (Rating: 5)
Fevers and Mirrors

Fevers and Mirrors

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