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Every Day and Every Night

Author: Jeff Norman
05/22/2000 | Milk magazine | Album Review
Bright Eyes is one of those bands that retain the air of being a single musician's work - probably because acoustic guitar, staple of the solo musician, underlies most songs here - but more significantly because singer and songwriter Conor Oberst's grainy, quavery, intense singing carries the day. "A Perfect Sonnet" is brilliant, one of those songs that stamps itself into the brain (too bad about the tape dropouts, though). Oberst's voice sounds as if he's barely able to keep himself together, but his singing never sounds overdone or Broadway fake in its emoting. Nice songwriting and arranging here, too - "On My Way to Work" features a sidewindingly intriguing progression and lovely work on pedal steel and vibes, while "A New Arrangement" integrates violins. This is a very promising EP - and bonus points for the Planet of the Apes reference, too.


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