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Digital Ash in a Digital Urn

Author: Eduardo Espiniosa
12/06/2004 | Total Riot | | Album Review
One of the two albums to be released by Bright Eyes in the early stages of 2005, Digital Ash In A Digital Urn is a diverse but unique effort carefully crafted by someone who could be considered one of today's best songwriters: Conor Oberst. This album delivers the incomparable songwriting style that characterizes Oberst. He sends messages through his lyrics that really put your mind to work, the music that backs up these lyrics fits seamlessly, but just as everything in this world, the album is not flawless or perfect. Some of the vocal melodies seem to be used over and over again and tend to get old pretty quickly, what saves those melodies is the distinctive tone of Conor's voice that sometimes sends shivers down your spine. Bright Eyes shows some evolution and a little more diversity in this record that only makes me anxious to listen to it's parallel release. Different elements from different influences have been used to create this album sometimes making it reminiscent to indie acts such as Elliott Smith (RIP). The tone of the album ranges from slow acoustic dark melodies and harmonies to what appears to be a hip hop breakdown supplying the beat to one of the albums standout tracks: "Arc Of Time." Some other stand out tracks in this album include the first single off of this release "Take It Easy (Love Nothing)", the dark song "Devil In The Details" and the somewhat upbeat "Light Pollution." All of the tracks in this album have the signature sound of Bright Eyes. This album proves that Conor is not a shooting star that burns bright for a little while and then fades out in the dark, this albums shows that Conor has real talent and a lot more to offer in years and releases to come. Definitely a must have. 9/10