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Take It Easy (Love Nothing)

Author: Kaleb
11/07/2004 | | | Album Review
Tis' the season (January 2005) for a new Bright Eyes album - make that 2 new
Bright Eyes albums! To yield the way for what will be a new year of double joy,
the Oberst camp has released 2 extended players that will undoubtably wet the
palate of any Bright Eyes fan old or new.

One of these two EP's, Take It Easy (Love Nothing), hosts 3* new songs from Sir
Conor - one cover (Simon Joyner's "Burn Rubber"), one experimental
("Cremation") and the title track lifted from one of the upcoming LP's. Take It
Easy (Love Nothing) returns to the lyrical content that 2000's Fever and Mirrors
showcased (themes of ghosts, vanishing) while moving ever-so swiftly from the
acoustic-underbase that encompassed 'Fevers' and extending on the complex
textures (also see: "Cremation") that 'The Story is in the Soil' brought forth
last year. With Jimmy Tamborello credited for his drum programming on "Take It
Easy", this track alone should be of interest to those not normally a Bright
Eyes supporter (what is wrong with you people?).

Oberst's take on Simon Joyner's Burn Rubber (from Why You All So Thief? : Sing
Eunuchs, 1994) does the Nebraska (by way of New Orleans) native due justice.
Having been a past tourmate and stated influence on Bright Eyes, fans should
recognize the talent that is Joyner and hoepfully admire the ravishing twist
Conor has put upon Simon's original tune. Instrumental closer "Cremation" opens
up an entirely new path that Bright Eyes has decided to travel - at the least,
this listener can state "atmospheric", in the realm of Substance-ers New Order..
. underwater. Who would have thought it, not I said the sctas. Bring on the
new year.


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