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Author: Silvio Pietroluongo
11/13/2004 | Billboard | | Feature
OUT OF THE DARK: For the first time since 1997, the same act occupies the
top two slots on Hot 100 Singles Sales (see Chart Beat, page 61). Bright
Eyes' "Lua" flies 18-1 while "Take It Easy (Love Nothing)" bullets 7-2 in
their first full week at retail.

The singles, which each feature multiple B-sides, combine to sell nearly
9,000 units, with nearly 48% of that total coming from nontraditional
sources, including Internet and digital providers.

Bright Eyes is a band built around singer/songwriter Conor Oberst, who was
featured on MTV and MTV2's "All Things Rock" program Oct. 23 and Oct. 25 and
profiled with Jack White in a hefty Oct. 10 Los Angeles Times article.
Bright Eyes also played the Vote for Change tour last month, sharing dates
with Bruce Springsteen, John Fogerty and R.E.M.

The act's last full-length album, "Lifted or the Story Is in the Soil, Keep
Your Ear to the Ground," bowed in August 2002 and has sold 176,000 units.
"Lua" and "Take It Easy" are the lead singles from Bright Eyes' forthcoming
albums "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" and "Digital Ash in a Digital Urn,"
respectively. Both are due Jan. 25, 2005.


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