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Every Day and Every Night

11/01/1999 | Summer Salts | | Album Review
"I'm really glad I finally have the opportunity to hear Bright Eyes, because any band associated with Cursive is A-OK with me. Every Day and Every Night is a really nice introduction to the unique singer-songwriter stylings of Bright Eyes. The acoustic arrangements are accompanied beautifully by piano, pedal steel, organ, and some programming, among other instruments. Songwriter/singer Conor Oberst has a unique trembling delivery to his vocals that make every song urgent in its own way. There's also a whole lot of lyrics, which makes me happy. On top of it all, we get vocal accompaniment by Cursive's Tim Kasher on my favorite track, "Neely O'Hara," a hauntingly beautiful ballad with amazing lyrics. It's hard to compare Bright Eyes to any other artist because they do such a nice job of incorporating disparate elements into a cogent whole. Plus: the recording is perfect for their style Minus: only one song with Tim Kasher"


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Cassadaga (Remastered)

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